Design and development of IT systems for large companies

From the development of a completely new product to the modernisation of existing products or systems, UNISO can help improve your company's IT infrastructure.


About us

In the IT market for more than 20 years

UNISO has been active in the IT market since 2001. Our team consists of more than 30 professional information technology specialists who will help you develop the best solution for your specific business model and needs. Our competencies include:


Development of advanced technical information technology products


Different data integration solutions


Design and development of complex information systems


Development of information systems of national interest


IT systems and software development

Custom software development

Every business is unique, with specific business nuances and needs. Bespoke or custom software development can be compared to a tailor-made suit and we know our cloth from A-Z. We develop custom software by really digging in and understanding the needs of the customer and finding the best solution to meet those needs. Custom software development can best meet the individual needs of a business, encompassing both the software design and build process, as well as the deployment and maintenance process for a specific company or organisation.

Software product development

We also specialise in software product development. This can be anything from developing a completely new product, upgrading an existing product, improving a system process, technique or development methodology. In other words, with the software products we develop, we can help the client to increase its ranking in the current market and provide a better customer experience for the end user. We are also able to integrate third-party toolkits and tools when developing a software product to meet specific market needs. We can help improve existing processes, methods and the overall customer experience.


Our solutions

Unemployment Records and Vacancy Information System (BURVIS)

The functionality of this system provides centralised registration and servicing of the unemployed, jobseekers and persons at risk of unemployment, centralised registration of employers and vacancies, administration of active employment measures and preventive unemployment reduction measures (clients' expressed preferences, training programmes, educational institutions, training offers, subsidised jobs, career counselling, etc.), cross-system data exchange solutions with the State Social Security Agency, State Revenue Service, State Register Office, State Social Security Agency, State Employment Agency, CSDD and many other systems. A WEB module of the portal has also been created, which enables self-registration of the unemployed, jobseekers, employers, partners - providers of employment measures, posting and viewing CVs and vacancies, applying for PES services, organising/managing PES services, as well as an administration module for PES staff to ensure user management, security and audits.

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Latvian Railway Freight Transport System

WEB application providing user interfaces for external users - Carriers and Customers - Shippers, Consignees and Forwarders. The main functionalities of the Customer Portal are: Obtain information on customer contracts; Obtain information on customer invoices and payments made; Submit and reconcile transport requests; Request empty wagons; Obtain information on transport status; Enter information on consignment notes and accompanying documents; Enter advance information on transport to neighbouring railways. The Customer Portal also provides interfaces for LDz internal users, for working with the Customer Support IS and for the administration of the integration platform.

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Latvenergo Transport Management System (TUS)

The main functionality of the system is the maintenance and updating of information on the vehicle register, roadworthiness tests, maintenance, insurance and in-service reports. Integration with the vehicle tracking system, invoicing, dispatching of special equipment and other functions is ensured. The system also includes a notification function, with messages sent by e-mail and/or sms when action is required. Integration with the financial system, the HR management system and the data warehouse is also carried out.

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Latvenergo Customer Service and Billing System (Oracle CCB)

A customer service and billing system that allows you to remotely pay for various household maintenance services provided by Latvenergo. The system serves more than one million customers.

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TreSQL (Tree SQL) is a query language based on SQL that can select data in hierarchical JSON objects. It allows the selection of data for complex input using one simple query, without additional server-side programming. TreSQL is a very compact notation and provides many powerful shortcuts. Its aim is to provide full SQL functionality for querying and data processing purposes. In a web application or client-server application, it can fulfil all the querying needs of a client database. Its Scala API is much more concise than JDBC and can be used for all database queries.

With TreSQL, we provide:

  • A query and data manipulation language with SQL functionality;
  • Database API from Scala or Java;
  • Web services and a simple web form to execute queries and retrieve data in JSON format.

Advantages of using TreSQL:

  • Get hierarchical results instead of uniform results;
  • API that is much shorter than JDBC;
  • Syntax shortcuts. TreSQL learns information about primary, foreign keys, column types [TO DO], array binding, etc.;
  • No unnecessary programming or object declaration.

Manages metadata and query definitions for relational database tables. Generates SQL DDL statements from table metadata. Generates Scala classes or XSDs to get query results. Uses Querease to store and retrieve data.

Database request management library.

Webase is a web application based on the web server that provides a framework for developing JSON-format services based on SQL databases.

Key features:

  • akka-http routes Querease, TreSQL supported SQL database calls;
  • Framework for pluggable functional style business logic;
  • File upload and download services linked to SQL database;
  • Deferred http request support;
  • Data export in MS Excel, CSV, .odt formats;
  • Request Audit Framework;
  • Stateless session management;
  • Dynamic data validation in JavaScript;
  • I18n support framework.


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